Full History Of Israel and Conflict W/ Palestine

This is an absolute must read for anyone who wants to educate themselves on how Israel was established, the conflict between Israel and Palestine and where it comes from. 

Also it highlights how the UN and Countries involved seem to forget that they were the ones who established the state of israel, which is now 22% of the original British Mandate, yet the Palestinians deserve the land of israel as well, the Jewish State didn’t sacrifice enough?  The IDF is called the “Israel Attack Force” it makes me sick.

These people do not want peace they pretend to because it serves their cause, yet Israel is positioned as the Enemy by the media in general and this will have devastating consequences if not changed. 



Right of Return – Israeli Newspaper Downplayes Concepts Importance and Gives an Inaccurate Definition

In an article in Arutz Sheva today, a prominent Israeli newspaper in hebrew and english, misdefined “Right of Return” and couldn’t have downplayed its importance more than it did.

Here is what he wrote, “Recognizing Israel as a Jewish state – as PA Chairman Abbas expects Israel to recognize a new PA state as “Palestinian” – has also been linked to the PA’s demand for the “right of return.” Abbas has previously stated that he will not recognize Israel as Jewish because doing so would mean giving up the “right of return.”

Im attaching a video that will show you not only what the right of return REALLY is, but how it is taught to young children. Guess who teaches them these things? THE U.N.!!!!. I worked for the organization that created this video for a while, and they are going after UNWRA right now. I will go into the UNWRA issue later, but it is one of the main reasons the ‘Palestinians” are still refugees after so long.

I will explain a little the problem with UNWRA and what they do that hurts Israel around the world. The answer to the question above “why is it important that the Palestinians continue to be indentified as refugees is because it is in the Arab worlds best interest to keep them that way”. Money, making israel look bad, and numerous other issues that they of course deny. Again I will go more into UNWRA later, but remember they are important.

This video is one of a few must watches I will post in the coming days, I’m just trying to catch up on everything I wanted to put in here and had a bunch ready.