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-Criticism of John Kerry and his approach to the recent “Peace Talks”.  My theory is that the US is insane and they just can’t find another approach.  Definition of insanity being doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  The biggest problem is every time the US makes this mistake the Israelis are forced to give more and more concessions (releasing terorirsts, giving up land, etc)  While continuously funneling money to the PA.  

*This is the most important article of the week and maybe the year, something must be done about this and it is a MUST READ if there ever was one.


– The NYT is pressing an Anti-Israel ideology on its readers and something must be done about this.  I think considering a boycott of the NYT is in order and I want to get the conversation started.

http://www.jwire.com.au/featured-articles/38124/38124 – This article is about a new book which quotes President Obama calling the Israeli prime minister a pain in the ass.  Just more evidence he is anti-Israel.

Finally Obama and John Kerry are doing their best to destroy the relationship between Israel and the United States.  Allies must have a level of trust and understanding and that was built between the US and Israel over the past century and Obama and Kerry are doing EVERYTHING to destroy it.  (No I don’t think its completely on purpose, they just fail to see the truth of the situation)


Guess who endorsed Max Blumenthal’s ‘I hate Israel handbook’?

Ignore this book and read Malcolm Gladwell’s new book “David and Goliath” it will give you hope for the future. It will also hopefully inspire you to stand up for what you believe in, that should be everyone’s goal.

UK Media Watch

‘Goliath’, the new anti-Zionist book written by Max Blumenthal – a Mondoweiss blogger who wants the Jewish state to disappear – is replete with odious chapter headings such as “The Concentration Camp” and “How to Kill Goyim and Influence People”, and was recently attacked by (amongotherwriters) leftist commentator, and frequent Israel critic, Eric Alterman. (Both Blumenthal and Alterman contribute to The Nation, which published ‘Goliath’.)

Alterman condemned the book in areview for The Nation titled ‘The I hate Israel handbook’ for “analogizing of the behavior of Israeli Jews to that of the war criminals who led Nazi Germany”, and wrote the following:

It is no exaggeration to say that this book could have been published by the Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club (if it existed) without a single word change once it’s translated into Arabic. (Though to be fair, Blumenthal should probably add some anti-female, anti-gay arguments for that.) Goliath

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The EXTREME Antisemitism of The New York Times (Via CAMERA)

A CAMERA Op-Ed in Times of Israel showed how New York Times reporters besmirch Israel’s leaders by injecting negative commentary into news articles. “Shrill,” “strident” and “derisive” were pejorative adjectives used by Times news reporters to describe the Israeli prime minister’s review of anti-Jewish violence by Palestinians since the 1920’s. Their condemnation of Mr. Netanyahu’s reference to Palestinian violence and anti-Jewish hatred is paralleled by their own refusal to report fully on the topic. In fact, The New York Times has come under harsh criticism from CAMERA for turning a blind eye to the glorification of terrorism and violence against Jews on government-sponsored Palestinian television.

True, every couple of years the newspaper runs an article that ostensibly focuses on Palestinian anti-Israel indoctrination. But not only do these articles ignore the worst examples of Palestinian incitement, they inevitably soft-pedal the entire issue, pretending that it is fueled by Israel in order to prevent peace negotiations, or that it is part of a bilateral phenomenon, with Israelis sharing the guilt– something that is clearly not the case. The bottom line is that The New York Times refuses to report the simple truth about Palestinian hate speech and indoctrination to violence.

Take, for example, The New York Times’ latest article about Hamas high school textbooks, entitled “To Shape Young Palestinians, Hamas Creates Its Own Textbooks.” Correspondents Fares Akram and Jodi Rudoren note that
Among other points, the [Hamas text]books, used by 55,000 children in the eighth, ninth and 10th grades as part of a required “national education” course of study in government schools, do not recognize modern Israel, or even mention the Oslo Peace Accords the country signed with the Palestine Liberation Organization in the 1990s.

The most disturbing aspect of these textbooks, however, is not only that they teach Palestinian children to reject modern Israel and the Oslo peace accords, but that they instruct youth in the use violence against Israelis and promote such attacks as benefitting the Palestinian people . According to the Palestinian news agency Ma’an, the new books include “lessons about various methods of Palestinian resistance.”

When Hamas talks of “Palestinian resistance” it means one thing — the murder of Israeli civilians for political gain, or, more accurately, terrorism. That Hamas is using high school text books to promote terrorism comes as no surprise to those who follow MEMRI and Palestinian Media Watch’s documentation of Palestinian TV broadcasts and speeches. There, terrorism is routinely glorified, and terrorist leaders urge the Palestinian public to “slit throats,” wreak destruction” “harvest the skulls of the Jews” and “annihilate the Zionist entity.”

But this sort of graphic genocidal rhetoric is not what The New York Times wishes to present to its readers, so it avoids ever making mention of such unpleasantries. It also avoids clearly pointing out that the new Hamas textbooks encourage and legitimize the use of terrorism against Israelis. Instead, the article acknowledges in one sentence that the books are “part of a broader push to infuse the next generation with its militant ideology” without spelling out what this “militant” ideology entails. Such direct terms as “suicide attack,” “abduction,” “bombing,” and “terrorism,” are eschewed in favor of words like “battle,” “riots,” “uprising,” and even “resistance” to describe Palestinian attacks against Israelis and Jews.

To its credit, the article does mention Hamas’ denigration of Jewish religious texts, denial of Jewish roots in the country, description of Zionism as a racist movement, expansionist vision of Palestine that encompasses all of present-day Israel, and exaggeration of Hamas’ military achievements, but, at the same time, it downplays the entire issue as a bilateral phenomenon.

According to the Times, the textbooks are an example of “dueling narratives” in a fight over territory, used as a propaganda tool by Israel to withstand American pressure to reach a peace deal. The reporters assert:

Textbooks have long been a point of contention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in which dueling historical narratives and cultural clashes underpin a territorial fight. And they are central examples of what Israeli leaders call Palestinian “incitement” against Jews, held up as an obstacle to peace talks newly resumed under American pressure.


This passage follows the newspaper’s overall pattern of downplaying Palestinian hate speech in what is already minimal coverage of the issue, by casting it as a debatable Israeli accusation in a longstanding fight. The last time the newspaper ran an article about the topic, in December 2011, it was headlined and framed as Israelis “finding fault” with Palestinians. That article focused more on attacking the credibility of and motives behind Israeli charges of incitement than it did on providing examples of Palestinian incitement.


It is telling that in this article, as well, The New York Times places the word “incitement” in quotation marks, qualifying it as a claim by Israel. In this way, the newspaper continues to avoid presenting the issue as straight, unvarnished fact. Nor does it accept the concept that Palestinians are guilty of terrorism. In sharp contrast to their qualification of the use of the word “incitement,” reporters adopt Hamas’ justifying parlance as their own to describe terrorist attacks, notably without the use of quotation marks. They assert:

Hamas has added programs, like a military training elective introduced in high schools last year that focuses on resistance to Israel.


There is no qualification of the word “resistance” — the word preferred by Hamas to justify its attacks against Israel. The same double standard is evident elsewhere, as well. Where Mr. Netanyahu’s exposure of historic Arab violence against Jews in an earlier article was labeled “strident” and “derisive,” the demonization of Israel and Jews in Hamas textbooks is characterized far less vehemently as “questionable treatment of Israel and Jews.”

Thus, in the topsy turvy world of the New York Times, Israeli exposure of Palestinian wrongdoing is “contentious” “shrill” or “derisive” while Palestinian terrorism against Jews is simply  “resistance to Israel.”


I think it may be time to start a campaign to boycott The New York Times, we can not stand for this type of media bs.  These little things are what make the big difference, the one word in a headline, the extreme adjective, I for one will not be reading the NYT and I hope you join me.  Please respond in the comments if you think a boycott of the NYT is a good idea to point out the issue of Anti-Israel media bs, and to get the NYT to change their tune.

The US has now given over 500 million in aid to the Palestinians in 2013 Alone

The US just gave the Palestinians $148 million in aid, and they are following that up with another round of $75 million.  Add this to the money donated to UNWRA (Which is supposed to be the vehicle for aid to the Palestinians) and you are around $525 million dollars in aid for 2013.

This just proves the Meme above true.  In brokering peace talks not only is the US government pressuring Israel to release CONVICTED terrorists, but it is continuously funding their operations.  

Its time to wake up and stand against this or one day we will wake up and there won’t be a Jew left in Israel…


*Notice how the AP spicifys the amount given to “this” project ignoring the real figure of $525 million.

Abbas Admits The PA ordered Terrorism


ImageThe popular press has been reporting on the recent release of 26 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, the second round of prisoners released as a “goodwill gesture” from the Israelis to the Palestinian Authority as part of the ongoing negotiations. By definition, these prisoners are terrorists. Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation to achieve some political goal and popularly understood as violence against civilians to achieve political ends.

Yet Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, considers these actions “the duty of resistance.” He said so in a 2005 interview on PA television. Palestinian Media Watch reports:

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas gave an interview to PA TV in 2005, just as the PA’s terror campaign (the Intifada) was ending. In that interview, Abbas explained that the PA sees all Palestinian prisoners, including those who targeted and murdered civilians, as legitimate fighters who should be released because when they committed their attacks, they were only following orders:

Abbas: “I demand [the release of] prisoners because they are human beings, who did what we, we, ordered them to do. We – the [Palestinian] Authority.”


Even when they killed – which Abbas refers to as “the duty of resistance” – they were fulfilling the PA leadership’s orders.

Here is the video of Abbas’ interview:

By Abbas’ own admission, then, the Palestinian Authority sent murderers to kill civilians, and he defended those terrorists as legitimate “fighters.”

This sort of doublespeak — condemnation of terrorism to a Western audience while legitimizing terrorism to a Palestinian audience — is glossed over or ignored by the media. Where is media coverage of Abbas’ legitimization of terrorists?


Nor has there been reporting on the victims of the grisly murders committed by the 26 prisoners who were released.

However, CAMERA has reported all the details, including the story of Isaac Rotenberg’s murder:


Holocaust survivor Isaac Rotenberg was born in Poland. Most of his family was murdered in the Sobibor death camp, but Isaac managed to escape and joined the partisans. After the war he tried to make his way by ship to mandate Palestine, but was interred by the British and sent to a detention camp in Cyprus until 1947. After his release Isaac arrived in pre-state Israel and fought in the War of Independence. He continued his work as a plasterer even after pension age and in March 1994 was at his place of work in Petah Tikva when he was attacked by two Palestinian labourers with axes. He died, aged 67, two days later.


In addition, the press hasn’t shown you pictures of the victims like:

terrorists released victim 1.jpgterrorists released victim 2.jpgterrorists released victim 3.jpg

Murdered by terrorists: Revital Seri, Isaac Rotenberg, and Ian Sean Feinberg



Instead, a lot of the photos that accompany the stories feature jubilant Palestinians celebrating the release of the murderers such as this one from The New York Times

Terrorists Released NYT.bmp

And this one from the Associated Press..

Terrorists released AP.jpg


Only the Israeli, Jewish or niche press has reported that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared that “there will be no peace agreement with Israel until all prisoners are freed from Israeli jails. I will dedicate my life to releasing the prisoners.” In other words, a peace agreement depends on the release of murderers. This is the context in which Israel’s “goodwill gesture” should be reported.


Israeli warplanes struck a military base near the Syrian city of Latakia on Thursday, an Obama administration official confirmed to CNN.

An explosion at a missile storage site in the area was widely reported in the Israeli press, but an attack has not been confirmed by the Israeli government.

The target, according to the Obama administration official, was missiles and related equipment the Israelis felt might be transferred to Hezbollah. The official declined to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the information.


Stay here for constant updates and more information on these events. Initially I would say this is a good thing, stopping Hezbollah from getting weapons, but lets see if the international community recognizes the importance of keeping those weapons away from a terrorist organization.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________11/4/2013 Update Via TheBlaze.com – This information was leaked by the White House causing uproar by the Israeli government, which in my opinion is well allowed.  They have every right to be upset at the US for this.  Especially if it was done on purpose, which I wouldn’t be surprised if it was considering Obama’s past behavior and comments regarding the middle east.