My name is Brad Schoenfeld I’m 25 and I currently live in the Suburbs of Chicago IL.  This summer, on my third trip to Israel, I had a life-changing experience, or should I say many.  I have always supported Israel, partially because I am Jewish.  The other reason being my Dad’s sister and her family have lived there since before I was born.  Spending 7 weeks living in Israel, in Jerusalem, gave me a sense for what its like to live there and be a part of the culture.  While I was there I worked for an organization called The Center for Near East Policy Research.  I learned a lot about the growing Anti-Semitism and I was shocked by the revelations I had.  I have trying to think of the best way I could continue to support Israel and try and change these prejudices that could be the cause of the end of the country.  I’m not an apocalyptic person, but if support keeps growing for TERRORISTS, you may think I’m crazy for even saying that, Israel will be gone.  Here’s one big piece of evidence that bs is being spread: 100 College campuses in the US have Israel Apartheid Weeks.  Where students protest Israels existence and try and spread the ideology of Israeli Apartheid.  I want to help protect the country not only for my family, but because I know its the right thing to do.  

Please help me and my family out by just spreading the word.  Also Comments are welcome and appreciated as long as they are respectful.  You can disagree with me, just back up what you say with facts.  

Hope you enjoy reading my blog.  Any suggestions are more than welcome my email is BradSchoenfeld@live.com.





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