This is the type of under the radar Antisemitism which is changing America’s Stance on Israel

This is the kind of stuff that really scares me.  I doubt this book was very popular, but that being said, the fact that someone drew it this way, and presented it in a way for kids to learn about the geography of the middle east and deny Israel’s existence. 

Kids are the most impressionable people (Obviously) and targeting them (As UNWRA and Hamas do in Gaza by teaching War Education ,Jihad, and the Celebrifying of suicide bombers.  This is the first step towards the next generation not seeing Israel as an important ally.  Just think about how these far left wingers who believe in peace, but support a group of people who rejects peace as a solution, can do to the history of the Hollocost let alone Israels right to exist.  I just don’t get why more people don’t A. See the ass-backwards logic of these people (and the numbers are growing exponentially) and B.  Why it seems that people are caring less and less and ignoring the problem.  Thats the reason I started this blog.  So please retweet, reblog, refacbook etc… anything you find valuable here if I can change a few peoples minds I’ve made a difference.  Obviously I would like to have a bigger impact, but  I can’t sit by and do nothing.  I hope you realize you can’t either.  

By giantpegasus

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