Why is Israel treated differently than the rest of the world?

Dialogue between an IDF spokesman and Hamas Correspondent.  Image


These are the people who are gaining support from the world community.  Israel is condemned for responding to attacks on their own soil, and they are met with threats like this as well as lies.  The Israeli people do not want to kill the Palestinians they have never even initiated a conflict.  Yet people who don’t look for the facts continue to grow in numbers in calling Israelis criminals, and a genocidal people when NOT ONE ARAB COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST WILL GIVE THE PALESTINIANS REFUGE OR ANY CIVIL RIGHTS WHATSOEVER.  ISRAEL IS THE ONE COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST IN WHICH PALESTINIANS ARE ALLOWED TO BE A PART OF THE COMMUNITY, YES ITS HARDER FOR THEM, BUT AT LEAST THEY CAN VOTE, AND AS LONG AS THEY DON’T KILL ANYONE LIVE A PRETTY FREE LIFE.  THIS ISN’T TRUE ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO TEACH PEOPLE.  Please help me spread the word, it has never been more crucial.  






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