Knesset Speaker: Rockets are Response to Terrorist Release

Knesset Speaker, MK Yuli Edelstein (Likud), joined several other Likud members who issued harsh judgments against the upcoming release of terrorist murderers as a “gesture” to the Palestinian Authority (PA), in exchange for its willingness to embark upon a US-mediated “peace process.”

“The holding of negotiations without preconditions is a principle that Israel insisted upon before the process,” wrote Edelstein. “And yet, this morning, our eyes have seen the names of the arch-terrorists with blood on their hands, who will be released. Terrorists who murdered and slaughtered our finest sons and citizens – soldiers, teachers, employers and even a Holocaust survivor.”

“The Palestinians’ ‘gesture’ toward Israel was not late in coming,” he added bitterly, “and this morning, already, rockets were fired at the South. About things like this, it is said, ‘the world will go on behaving as it always does,’ ‘there is nothing new under the sun,’ and ‘what was – will continue to be.'”

“I regret to say that experience has taught us that someday, soon, the headlines will inform us that one of those being freed was involved in a terror attack in some way or another. My heart goes out to the families.”


My comments:

  • This is the second time in THESE “negotiations” in which Israel has freed prisoners just to get the PA to the table.  
  • The majority of Palestinian people MAY want peace, whether or not this is true today, if a normal everyday palestinian citizen speaks up they will be immediately silenced by the leadership and terrorists.  We can’t waste anymore time and appease people who have proved over and over again they don’t want peace they want Israel as their own, by attempting to negotiate.  (Im not saying we act by force I’m saying we try some alternatives to “peace talks”).
  • The last point I want to make is to completely destroy the land for peace argument.  76% of the original territories given to Israel by the UN and Britain have been given to palestinians or Arabs in “peace talks”.  It just doesn’t work and how much more can Israel sacrifice?



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