Sorry for the slow start, but I promise I will begin ramping up my postings ten-fold.  Not only because I want to do this blog, and how much I care about Israel, Islamic Extremists have begun their offensive.  The media will play this is as israel being on the offensive, but the bombings today have me sure that the coordination between Hamas and Hezbollah has begun to surface.  Something that these extremists has showed us is that by no means are these your modern day sociopaths.  They say one thing in english and the media FEEDS on it and they in arabic they contradict exactly what they just said, but no one is paying attention except these extremists and other arab muslims.  I am not a hard core right wing.  I understand the Palestinian issue and that it is very complex.  That being said history has been rewritten, the nations, the people, who voted and created the state of Israel are the ones who condemn Israel the most.  

The smartest thing the Extremists are doing right now is beginning right now.  When the US has ZERO foreign policy.  The Syria issue has proved that.  The U.S.’s credibility is gone.  That being said its not the liberals fault, it is just Obama.  I’m not saying he should have attacked Syria, im saying when you are “The leader of the free world” you can’t make statements that you have no intention of backing up.  Besides the fact that the only spending cut he is willing to make is to the military it is very unsettling when you think about Obama’s “middle east policy” (AKA DO NOTHING) Israel is in a very precarious situation…

Lets all pray for the best.


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